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Single Leg Plan

One of the oldest plans which is still in use with a very high earning potential. Though the plan is an old school based process, its advantages keeps any qualified professional to get inside and take up the risk keeping bigger achievements in mind. A Break away option is the key factor of stair step break away plan.

Single Leg Plan Work

    These days, there are numerous types of MLM business plans available in the market and the Stair Step MLM Software Plan is one of the BEST. The package starts just like the Unilevel MLM Plan, where the frontline entry is not limited to any number. However, there is a percentage or target cut-off in each level. As the team size gets bigger a new process will be included to the package, i.e. “breakaway” policy.

How Stair Step Plan Works?

The plan is so simple to grasp as it allows unlimited frontline and if one can meet the cut-off percentage, they can move up and finally at a certain level will achieve breakaway. While entering into the plan there is an initial cost, the breakaway depends on the revenue from this and the downline teams.

A staircase progression with a breakaway process makes the plan titled as “Stair Step breakaway Plan” or “stair step plan”. The one who achieves the breakaway thereafter runs the process individually. The main advantage of such a plan is get high income by building up a bigger team and with good compensation rate.

Fast Start Bonus

    One can earn “fast start bonus” by achieving a certain upgrading to their designations within a certain period of time. Let us make the process simple with an example; one got sponsored to a bottom level, say a sales representative. He/she achieves each level cut-off target and level up to Distributor and so on. If this is happened in a certain amount of time he/she receives this particular bonus.

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Clear ship Pool

By leveling up to a certain level and then achieves a percentage of value the user gets “Clear-Ship pool” bonus. User automatically receives the pool or club membership at this particular stage.