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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We provide our services at economical prices. The different products and services offered by us are subject to set terms and conditions. All those who are interested in being our business partner, need to follow strict code of code and terms/ conditions laid by the company. Company has the right to periodically change the code of conduct without any prior notice. Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in closure of account.


For business association with us it is necessary for you to register with us. You need to furbish right account details, and fill in the requisite information about yourself. In case, you want to change any information, just inform us. We will make the updates. Failure to this will result in instant termination of your account with us.


Upon being associated with us you have no right to make any demand or allegations on the company and people associated with it.


All the payments are made through Paypal, Wire Payment,Money to India and Money Bookers, hence it becomes for you to represent yourself as an authorized user. Once the payment is made we will activate your account at the earliest.


In case of violation of any terms and condition, we have the right to terminate our services without any prior notice. For this we won't be held responsible.


WE are not legally responsible for any kind of damage caused by use of our services on your portal or website. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any statement made by third party, unauthorized access of data transmission and transaction. If any links are exchanged or provided on our website, we are not at all responsible.