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Binary MLM Plan

Binary MLM Plan means Pairing of 2 Person, Binary will have 2 Legs. Left and Right and people joining above the 2 person will join spill over they can join on the Power Leg or Strong Leg and Weak Leg. Binary is paid with the idea to build equal volume on each leg so they usually pay on the idea of 1:3 – 2:3 or 1:1

There are 4 Types of Binary:

    •  1/3-2/3 Plan:
    •  1:1 or 50-50 Plan:
    •  Power Leg Plan:
    •  Weak Leg Plan:

1/3-2/3 Binary MLM Compensation Plan:

1/3 or 1:3 Plan: Distributors gets Commission to the leg which has 1/3 points or Volume on your weaker leg of your downline and leg with 2/3 Volume will be skipped from commission for the specific period

For example, the Plan could be defined as a total of 600 accumulated unpaid PV Points or Volume. When you have 200 points in weak leg and 400 on the strong leg then you can earn the commission for that specific period like Daily or Weekly or Monthly on the leg which has 200 points.

Binary Pairing Cap:

    In Binary MLM Plans admin’s create Capping mechanism to forecast their earnings and to avoid any risk on excessive commission. That Safety switch is called as Capping. Pairing above the capping limit is truncated from the system or carried over to next calendar period. If the pairing is truncated afer reaching the threshold value mans its called as Flush and if its moved to next calendar period means its called carry over.

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1:1 or 50:50 Binary MLM Compensation Plan:

1:1 or 50:50 Plan: Distributors has to maintain equal volume or points on each leg to get commissions for that specific period.

For example, in this plan we have total unpaid volume or points are 600 means it should be equally distributed 300 on each leg to earn that period’s commissions.